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We exist to strengthen couples, parents, and individuals in their endeavor towards a healthy life

Ray Wiliams - Therapist


Ray Williams

“I have a passion for being a husband and dad.  This value is carried forward to my relationships with clients.  Because I’ve been married with kids for a while, I realize both how difficult and rewarding day to day life with family can be.  It is so satisfying and important to keep our family relationships developing forward.  I view life as being holistic, what affects the body also affects the mind.” 

How may we help you?

Ray Williams is a multi-disciplinary counselor serving the unique mental health needs of parents, children, families, couples, and individuals.



While relationships can be difficult, they can be very rewarding. Often, we need to make some adjustments or hone some skills to get back in sync with each other. Couples counseling can help get the rhythm back.



Parenting can have its share of challenges. Getting some answers and learning how to handle parenting can take some of the stress out of the household and maybe even recapture some of the joy of parenting.

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Sometimes you have some circumstances that hit you out of nowhere like losing a job or a loved one. It might be time to get some answers, find some solutions. Talking with someone who is objective can get you back on track in the race.

Work With Us

If you are having a tough time, we want to help. Feel free to contact us and let us know your struggle. We will meet and listen so we can understand. Then we work to help find the best solution and to help you carry it out. It can take work to make a change, having someone to walk alongside you in the journey can be important.